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Grandfather Clocks

How to Buy a Grandfather Clock

A new grandfather clock will enhance the decor in your home. Many of today's homes have open foyers which is a perfect location to make a dramatic statement when you enter your home. Selecting a new grandfather clock for you home is quite easy after you decide on what style you prefer. Most grandfather clocks are available Oak or Cherry of which the Cherry is the most popular.

Determine the size of grandfather clock you prefer:

Grandfather clocks can fit just about anywhere because the width and depth (known as the "footprint") is not very large. A grandfather clock will not take up much more room than a plant stand. The vertical height for most grandfather clocks starts at about 78" for a smaller clock rising to up to 93" for a taller clock. All of the grandfather clocks made today can fit in an area with 8' ceilings.

Select the Features:

Chain driven or Cable driven grandfather clocks.
All new grandfather clocks are powered by gravity by three weights that are filled with cast iron and slowly move downward over the course of a week. When the weights are near the bottom of the grandfather clock, they need to be raised so they may again power the clock for another week. This is done one of two ways.

Chain driven clock weights are pulled up by a corresponding chain next to each of the three weights. While pulling down each of the three chains, the weight next to the chain will rise to the top.

Cable driven clock weights are suspended by a pulley on a looped steel cable. There are three holes in the dial called winding arbors. Simply insert a key or crank...wind and the pulleys will rise lifting the weights.

Grandfather Clock Chime Options

You may choose from a Westminster chime movement that will play all 16 notes of the Westminster melody on the hour and then count the hour. This movement will also play the first 4 notes of the melody on the first quarter hour, half the melody on the half hour (eight notes) and 3/4 of the melody on the 3/4 hour (12 notes). There is a lever located on the side of the dial to turn off the chime if you wish.

Night-time shutoff option
A step up from the movement above is to add a Night-time shutoff option. This will turn off the chime between 10:00PM and 7:00 AM automatically without having turn off the chime nightly if you wish for it not to play during the nighttime hours.

Triple Chime Grandfather Clocks
This movement can play the traditional Westminster melody and you may also select two alternate melodies which include:
St. Michaels Chimes
Whittington Chimes
There is usually a lever on the side of the dial where you may choose one of these three melodies that you wish to hear.


Our Grandfather clocks can be seen here.

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